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What color suits your house best?

White or better beige? Although perhaps blue or green can look good… Choose the colors to paint your house knowing everything they are capable of.

White: The Brightest

A white sofa will enhance the light even more. With wood and fabrics in warm tones, you will compensate for its cold reputation.

White: Safe Bet

It is associated with simplicity, purity, and peace. It includes all the color frequencies, therefore creating a perfect balance that stimulates alertness.

White: On Furniture


In addition to amplifying and multiplying light, white furniture transmits cleanliness and order in any space in the house: whether it is the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen.

White: Color Palette

Pure white can be somewhat aseptic. That is why it is advisable to choose one of its thousand shades (broken, eggshell, bone…) and even combine it with details in other shades like the ones in this palette.

Blue: The Most Serene

Space in this color transmits security, stillness, and tranquility. In addition, it manages to eliminate negative energies. It is a tone that balances.

Blue: With Wood

If you combine blue with wood with a natural finish and pieces or accessories in earth tones, you will keep it warm, making it look warmer.

Blue: Therapeutic

If you are overweight or have breathing difficulties, paint blue. This color helps you breathe better and calms your appetite.

Blue: Color Palette

Freshness, serenity, calm… The effects achieved with blue depend on how you combine it, but also on the chosen tones: navy, light blue, sapphire, and teal.

Beige: The Color Of Harmony

Like white, beige is associated with simplicity and naturalness, creating serene spaces that invite you to relax. Perfect for any room, especially living rooms and halls.

Beige: Also In The Details

Crystal and yellow multiply the light and warmth of beige, as well as textured accessories like these velvet cushions in the tones of nature.

Beige: Color Palette

Beige is very elegant when combined with colors from the brown palette, in all its shades. So that it does not turn out to be dull, make sure that the white is also well present.

Grey: More Than Shades

Gray has the power to even things out and doesn’t influence other colors. That is why it is elegant and creates neutral bases that relax.

The Neutral King

The more intense, the more seductive. The lighter, the brighter. Gray in all its shades relaxes the mind and is ideal for both work and rest spaces.

Montage Space In Gray Tones And Color Palette

Grey: color palette To choose a grey, it is important to look at the tone to which it tends. If it is brown, it will be warmer and more formal; to red, more intense; to blue, relaxed but somewhat colder.

Pure Strength

It is associated with fire, passion, and determination. Red also whets the appetite, increases the respiratory rate, and raises blood pressure. Use it sparingly.

Color Palette

It stimulates social relationships, but in excess, it can be aggressive. The lighter, the more feminine, and the dark ones are suggestive, although they will dominate in a visible way.

Calm And Freshness

In addition, it tones the body and relieves stress and fatigue. Ideal if your daily activity is very intense.

With A Lot Of Detail

If you don’t dare to paint an entire room or a wall, take advantage of the relaxing and fresh effect of green with details such as cushions, plaids, and plants, lots of plants.

The Vintage Tone

This shade of green is a vintage favorite. Whether with a pickled or patina effect, wooden furniture adds charm with this nuance.

Natural Effect

Support this color with plants with white flowers. This combination will add light and life to any corner of the house.

Color Palette

The most colorful: lime, meta, emerald… The most sedate: moss, olive, bottle, or pistachio, among others. They all remind us of nature.

Just by painting, your house can look like another. The walls and ceilings are flat with a lot of surfaces, so they have a great impact on the decoration immediately. So choosing color cannot be done lightly, based solely on a personal bias towards one shade or another. Knowing their visual and spatial effects is essential, as they can help us expand a space or make it more welcoming, for example.

We help you choose the most suitable for your home, with different shade options for each range and the colors that best combine with each one. Follow these tips… and you’ll be right on the mark! An effective way to renovate your home without having to change a single piece of furniture. Low-cost reform only with color. Which one do you choose?

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