London Blue Topaz Jewelry

How to Wear London Blue Topaz Jewelry

London blue topaz is a beautiful gemstone that has become increasingly popular recently. With its striking blue color and affordability compared to other blue gemstones like sapphire, London blue topaz jewelry can be a versatile addition to anyone’s accessories collection. But how exactly should you wear London blue topaz jewelry? Here is an in-depth look at everything you need to know to wear London blue topaz pieces with style and confidence.

An Introduction to London Blue Topaz

First things first – what exactly is London blue topaz? London blue topaz refers to topaz treated to achieve a rich, saturated blue color. Natural topaz can be colorless to yellow, orange, brown, light blue, or pinkish red. The most coveted and valuable topaz is a bright blue.

To achieve this vibrant blue color, some topaz undergoes an enhancement process, exposing it to irradiation and heat treatment. This permanently alters the molecular structure of the topaz, turning it a uniform blue. The result is the stunning London blue topaz, named after the color of the world-famous Hope Diamond.

London blue topaz tends to be affordable, especially compared to natural blue topaz. This makes it ideal for fashion jewelry and statement pieces. It has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale and is durable enough for daily wear. When cared for properly, London blue topaz jewelry lasts many years.

Choosing London Blue Topaz Jewelry

Choosing London Blue Topaz Jewelry

When selecting London blue topaz jewelry, you first need to consider what style of piece you want. London blue topaz is suited to a wide range of jewelry designs.

Here are some of the most popular options:

London Blue Topaz Necklaces

Necklaces allow you to showcase a single large statement stone or create designs with multiple smaller stones.

Popular London blue topaz necklace settings include:

  • Pendants – Suspended from delicate chains, London blue topaz pendants make an eye-catching statement. Go for an oval or round brilliant cut stone in a simple bezel on a gold or silver chain.
  • Chokers – Choose a choker-length chain with glittering London blue topaz stones for a vintage-inspired piece. Opt for marquise or trillion cuts.
  • Collar necklaces – Make a bold fashion statement with a collar necklace set with rows of oval London blue topaz gemstones.
  • Beaded necklaces – Daintier beaded necklaces with round or rondelle cut London blue topaz beads have an elegant, understated look.

Dazzling London Blue Topaz Earrings

From understated studs to dramatic drops, London blue topaz earrings are a great way to add this colorful stone to your look.

Consider these London blue topaz earring styles:

  • Studs – Simple London blue topaz studs with a round or princess cut make versatile earrings suitable for everyday wear. Choose petite or statement sizes.
  • Drops – Opt for dazzling London blue topaz drop earrings featuring pear, marquise, or trillion cut stones for glamorous evening wear.
  • Hoops – For a modern take, select London blue topaz hoop earrings with baguette or princess cut stones, adding sparkle around the hoop.
  • Climbers – Make a bold fashion statement with London blue topaz climber earrings snaking up the ear with round bezel set stones.

Eye-Catching London Blue Topaz Rings

London blue topaz rings allow you to flash this colorful gemstone on your finger.

Some chic options include:

  • Solitaires – A simple claw-set oval or cushion cut London blue topaz solitaire set in white gold or silver makes an elegant engagement ring alternative.
  • Three-stone rings – A row of princess-cut London blue topaz stones set in yellow gold has timeless appeal.
  • Cocktail rings – Go for high-impact drama with a large emerald-cut London blue topaz cocktail ring surrounded by petite round stones.
  • Stackable rings – Thin hammered gold rings with bezel set round London blue topaz are perfect for stacking and layering with other jewelry.

Glamorous London Blue Topaz Bracelets

Draw the eye to your wrists with dazzling London blue topaz bracelets.

For statement-making arm candy, go for:

  • Tennis braceletsTimeless and elegant, a diamond-accented tennis bracelet with a princess-cut London blue topaz has an air of luxury.
  • Bangles – Slip on a stack of thin bangles in rose, white, and yellow gold, accented with round London blue topaz for a glam boho vibe.
  • Cuffs – Make a bold wrist statement with a wide London blue topaz cuff in silver or gold with baguette and marquise cuts.
  • Charm bracelets – A delicate charm bracelet with London blue topaz beads, stones, and motifs adds personalized flair.

Tips for Wearing London Blue Topaz Jewelry

Tips for Wearing London Blue Topaz Jewelry

Once you’ve selected the perfect London blue topaz piece, here are some tips for wearing it stylishly:

  • Match metals: Wear silver-toned London blue topaz with white metals and gold-toned pieces with yellow gold. Combining metals can look mismatched.
  • Consider settings: Bezel settings protect the London blue topaz edges for durable everyday wear. Prongs allow more light in for maximum sparkle.
  • Choose flattering colors: London blue topaz pops against black, white, neutrals, and vivid brights like emerald green. Avoid pairing it with purples or reds that can clash.
  • Complement your skin tone: Those with warm undertones suit gold London blue topaz, while cool undertones are complemented by white metal blue topaz.
  • Layer wisely: Stack bracelets and necklaces in coordinated metals, gemstones, and styles for a cohesive layered look. Please don’t overdo it.
  • Care during activities: Remove London blue topaz jewelry before showering, swimming, cleaning, exercising, doing yard work, or doing similar activities.
  • Store safely: Keep London blue topaz pieces in soft cloth jewelry bags inside a closed jewelry box to prevent scratches and tangling when not worn.

Caring for London Blue Topaz Jewelry

While treated blue topaz like London blue is very durable, taking proper care of your pieces will maximize their longevity and shine:

  • Clean regularly with a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water to remove oil, dirt, lotions, and other buildup. Rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners, which can damage the stone over time. Similarly, avoid soaking London blue topaz in jewelry baths or liquids for extended periods.
  • Store London blue topaz separately from other gems and metals that could scratch the surface, like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds—place them in soft fabric compartments in a jewelry box.
  • When not worn, keep London blue topaz jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct light to help preserve the vibrant color. Avoid temperature extremes and humidity.
  • Take London blue topaz rings, bracelets, and other frequently worn pieces to your jeweler for professional cleaning and safety inspections once a year.
  • Have any loose stones or damaged settings repaired immediately by your jeweler to prevent further issues and maintain the piece’s integrity.

Styling Tips for London Blue Topaz Jewelry

The striking color of the London blue topaz makes it a fun statement piece to style in many different ways:

For Daytime Looks

During the day, keep London blue topaz jewelry classy and understated:

  • A dainty beaded bracelet adds color to day dresses and casual weekend wear.
  • Small hoop earrings with London blue topaz bring a subtle sparkle to office attire and daytime dates.
  • Stacked hammered gold rings with petite London blue topaz make an eye-catching yet delicate accent.
  • Swap the earrings for dramatic London blue topaz drops for a night out after work, and add a pendant necklace.

For Evening Elegance

When the sun goes down, dial up the dazzle factor with London blue topaz:

  • A statement collar or tennis necklace makes basic LBDs instantly glamorous.
  • The eye is drawn by chandelier and shoulder dust earrings with large London blue topaz gems.
  • Cocktail rings with emerald cut stones pop against metallics and silky evening wear.
  • A cuff bracelet adds striking color next to your evening clutch or on a bare arm.

For Black Tie Events

London blue topaz adds a modern edge to black tie attire:

  • Stud earrings lend subtle sparkle without competing with ornate gowns and details.
  • Tennis bracelets encrusted in diamonds and London blue topaz stones are elegant and luxurious.
  • Stack multiple rings with a baguette and emerald-cut London blue topaz stones for high-impact sparkle.
  • Layer a collar necklace over a strapless gown to complement an open neckline.
  • For men’s black tie, a simple London blue topaz stud paired with silver cufflinks has a sophisticated style.

For Bridesmaids and Weddings

For Bridesmaids and Weddings

For wedding attire, timeless London blue topaz accessories work beautifully:

  • Bridesmaids can wear matching solitaire London blue topaz pendant necklaces for a colorful bridal party.
  • Tennis bracelets as wedding jewelry complement the engagement ring without competing.
  • For “something blue,” wear London blue topaz earrings or hairpins.
  • Give London blue topaz bracelets, necklaces, or earrings as bridesmaid gifts.
  • Men’s wedding bands with channel set London blue topaz stones add a unique flair.


With its stunning saturated blue color, affordability, and durability, it is no wonder that the London blue topaz is becoming a popular jewelry choice. When selecting your London blue topaz pieces, consider the style of jewelry you want and your lifestyle. Look for quality settings that protect the gemstone. Wear and care for your London blue topaz properly; your jewelry will stay beautiful for many years. The striking blue hue pairs beautifully with casual daytime and glamorous evening attire. Let the vivid color inspire you to be bold and creative with your accessorizing. London blue topaz will surely add an eye-catching sparkle to your style.


Is London blue topaz suitable for engagement rings?

While less traditional than a diamond, London blue topaz makes a beautiful, lower-cost engagement ringstone. Its durability makes it suitable for daily wear. Choose a minimalist solitaire setting to let the vivid blue stone shine.

Can I wear London blue topaz jewelry in the shower or pool?

It is not recommended. Exposure to water, soaps, and chemicals can dull the vibrant color of a London blue topaz over time. Take jewelry off before water activities to maintain its beauty.

What metals pair best with London blue topaz?

White metals like silver, white gold, platinum, and palladium complement the icy blue tones of London blue topaz. Yellow gold also provides an appealing contrast against the blue. Avoid pairing it with other blue-toned metals like blue titanium.

Is it okay to wear a London blue topaz with diamonds?

Absolutely! The vivid blue of London blue topaz is beautifully enhanced next to colorless or icy white diamonds. Use diamonds to accent and surround the bolder blue topaz for statement pieces.

How can I tell if my London blue topaz jewelry needs to be re-treated?

Over many years, the enhanced color of London blue topaz may start to fade slightly. Signs your piece needs re-treatment are an ashen blue color or patches of lighter blue. Any qualified jeweler can arrange for re-enhancement through irradiation and heat treatment.

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