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The 10 Best Exhibitions in Madrid

10 exhibitions in Madrid that you cannot miss. Descriptions photos and videos. We recommend the most current exhibitions in Madrid, both in museums and galleries. Indispensable visits for art lovers in all its manifestations. Painting, sculpture, photography, and art in general. Enjoy the most relevant works and artists in Madrid. If you like our recommendations, save this link, as we Exhibitions in Madridperiodically update our guide to exhibitions in Madrid.

Mapfre Foundation

Giorgio Morandi is a fundamental artist in the history of contemporary art. His figure is embedded in the school of Italian metaphysical painting, in which, together with Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carrà, he laid the foundations for a new pictorial point of view. If in Chirico’s work the empty squares and disturbing figures distilled an innovative sense of loneliness, in Morandi’s canvases this introspection falls on everyday objects that form still lifes, flowers, and landscapes. The artist works with a diffuse figuration, close to abstraction, in which bottles and vases abandon their essence to become shapes and volumes. Morandi hardly traveled throughout his life and created most of his work in the workshop of his home in Bologna.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Best Exhibitions in Madrid

René Magritte (1898-1967) is one of the most recognized and relevant surrealist painters of the European avant-gardes. His images constitute the iconic representation of the art school, reflecting every day and easy-to-identify reality passed through the filter of dreams: calm and restlessness, the habitual and the strange coexist on his canvases. In 1989, the Juan March Foundation in Madrid dedicated a retrospective exhibition to him; Until then until today, in the capital, no other exhibition with his work has been organized. The Thyssen Museum exhibition is divided into seven sections, entitled The powers of the magician, Image and word, Figure and background, Picture and window, Face and mask, Mimicry, and Megalomania. AND In total, more than 90 original pieces are exhibited, which coexist with an installation made up of films and domestic photographs taken by the artist.

Circle of Fine Arts

In the presentation of the Crueldad exhibition organized by the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the following question is posed: “can the inhospitable land between images and objects be so close and hospitable, some endearing?” In the exhibition, it is possible to see seventy-three photographs in which the artist, always through the representative black and white of his works, proposes a new twist to the surrealist and poetic imaginary that is related to him. The works are subtle and disturbing: some of them have already been exhibited on occasions, while others are shown in public for the first time. All of them follow a common point of view: the presence of the cruel and the sinister, which are appreciated through poetry and the elegance of the images.

Velazquez Palace

Artist Vivian Suter changed her residence in 1982 when she moved from the Swiss city of Basel to the heart of the jungles of Guatemala. This change meant a total renewal of his artistic point of view, through the inspiration of nature that surrounds his studio in Panajachel, next to Lake Atitlán. From that moment on, Suter’s work generates an intimate and dynamic relationship with the jungle that surrounds it, starting to renounce the frames and limits between the canvas and the environment. They are paintings full of color, purely abstract and that interact with the life that surrounds them. During the tropical storms suffered by the region in 2005 and 2010, the works were partially submerged in the mud and their visual structure changed.

Circle of Fine Arts

The imagery of the photographer and artist Ouka Lele is already part of the modern history of the city of Madrid. The artist is one of the fundamental figures of the famous Movida Madrileña of the 80s, of which she was the promoter and chronicler. His work fuses disciplines, always from the photographic point of view; With a declared dreamlike inspiration, they propose new surrealism in which dreams directly influence the artist’s daily life and her environment. Within the PhotoEspaña 2021 program, the Círculo de Bellas Artes has organized a magnificent exhibition in collaboration with the Lafuente Archive, which kept over 1,500 files (most of them unpublished to date). Under the name of Supernova, the exhibition introduces us to the personal universe of Ouka Lele and allows us to enjoy the enormous creativity and talent of the artist, both in photographic format and in drawings, audiovisual material, and editorial projects.

The Neomudéjar

“REBORN is the universe of the Phoenix”. With these words, La Neomudéjar aptly describes the work of an artist who is committed to complexity and introspection through one of the most classic and ancient techniques in the art world: painting. The work of the Cuban artist living in Detroit speaks to us of the duplicity of the psyche, of that “other” that lives within us, and to whom it is necessary to give voice and presence to drive away personal demons. For this, Muriel Delgado Castillo uses figurative imagery and the most expressionist line; and despite its dark and powerful aesthetic, its message brings intense positivism and a strong vital charge. With these wickers, the artist weaves a body of work that uses them as a starting point to develop a pure art, with hardly any earthly and intensely personal anchor.

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