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These ceiling lamps for the kitchen are ideal

Forget about the handy ceiling lights at once and start lighting your kitchen as it deserves. With powerful solo models or in well-matched duos or trios.

Symmetrical And In Trio

You will rarely see a single ceiling light in modern kitchens. The interior designers are committed to hanging them accompanied, in a duo or trio. Begoña Susaeta has chosen this last option to illuminate this peninsula that also serves as a breakfast bar. And she has opted for white metal lamps, to match the bright kitchen. The yellow cable winks at the stools.

White Metal

Kitchen art

Everything about this ceiling lamp is original: its metal lampshade with perforated details, its piece of pine wood, and its red cable. This is the Bits model, from Kave Home. Available in black and white.

A Ceiling Lamp For The Industrial Design Kitchen

While one cuts the vegetables, another can prepare the dessert. In large kitchens, there is space for several people to work on the island. Kitchen lighting won’t be a problem either with solutions like this one. The interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta chose a modern ceiling lamp, wall light type, with two adjustable arms that focus on different areas. The color? In black, similar to the doors that communicate with the living room.

With Adjustable Arm

The Gras No. 302 lamp, designed by Bernard-Alvin Gras, has an adjustable steel arm that rotates 360º on its axis. With it, you can illuminate the work surface, the cooking area, or the office, depending on which direction you put it. It measures 14 cm high so it is only valid for kitchens whose height exceeds 3.5 cm.

In The Kitchen, Tubular Type Ceiling Lamps

Slender and elegant. This type of ceiling lamp is phenomenal both in kitchens and bedrooms. The tube comes in different lengths, to adapt them to the height of the kitchen ceiling. In this kitchen, the interior designer Roger Bellera has chosen two long tubular models in black that fall right in the center of the island. Its modern appearance balances the vintage style of the rest of the kitchen painted in a Provençal green.

In Black And Gold

This model adds a golden touch to its black finish that makes the lampstand out more. In addition, its white interior reflects light better. It measures 27 cm plus the 130 cm cable. Her name is Betsy and you will find her in Kave Home.

Modern And Minimalist

If you are a  cooking lover and you love making cakes and pies on your kitchen counter, pay attention to this model of lamp. Its length makes it possible to illuminate the entire peninsula, from end to end. Its minimalist design hardly takes up space. It is comfortable and modern at the same time. The interior designer Natalia Gómez Angelats chose it in white to lighten this kitchen decorated in a taupe color.

With Dimmable Light

Adjustable in height (from 90 to 180 cm) and in light intensity and adjustable in length (from 120 to 179 cm), the horizontal design of the Juliet aluminum lamp is perfect for lighting the kitchen or dining room. Its 25,000 operating hours make it a very energy-efficient model. Available in anthracite color —the one in the image— and brass, in Lamp and light.

A Ceiling Lamp For The Kitchen Of Tears

The recovered wood furniture, the floral wallpaper, the shutters, and the wonderful teardrop lamp in the image takes us back to a classic kitchen, like the ones from before. A luminaire model like this, elegant and refined, always raises the level of the room. In the kitchen, place it as far away as possible from the cooking area to prevent it from getting dirty.

Vintage And Distinguished

The Toscana chandelier is made of aluminum and glass. Its five-branched chandeliers, its beautiful leaf and flower ornaments, its cut crystals, and its cream color make this piece almost a work of art.

Ceiling Lamps For The Kitchen Of Metal Cage

These metallic lamps that let the light bulbs glimpse are a trend. In this wooden kitchen, the architects Irma Aleu and Rosa Viñets chose to have two symmetrical ones to illuminate the breakfast bar. Each falls just below each plate. Have you noticed the good combination that metal makes with wood?

In Steel And With The Bulb Exposed

Made with black lacquered steel rods, the Cabana ceiling lamp by Kave Home leaves the bulb visible. Available in round, triangular or polygonal formats like this one.

Glass Ceiling Lamps

Those round globe-type lamps that evoke art deco come back with a bang, both in floor models, wall lamps, or ceiling lamps. Interior designer Katy Linder has chosen them twice in this beige kitchen. They run along the island and are placed at the same height giving a sense of order and symmetry. You will find them in total white or with light golden touches, like these.

Round And Timeless

Sophisticated and elegant, the design of the Mauricio lamp evokes the 1930s. It is made of sandblasted opal glass and brass-plated metal. With his presence, your kitchen will level up. It measures 30 cm in diameter and 132 cm in height.

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