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The ideal colors to paint your kitchen

You have signed up to the fashion of tiling the kitchen up to half height and you find yourself with a great wall to paint. What color do you choose? Do you have doubts? Here you will find 10 colors to paint the kitchen that works great.

Black Triumphs in The Kitchen

Paint your kitchen

It started out occupying only a small area, like a blackboard where you could write down the grocery list or the latest recipe. But it was gaining space and has ended up staining walls as large as these. The only requirement: is to have light to give and sell. And space. Otherwise, it will be a cave.

For Vintage Looks, Dusty Sky Blue

How much light and what softness! It looks great, it does not overwhelm, and combined with black furniture, it gains strength and personality. The wood that suits you? From light to dark. Any. Here you will see it on the platform, the countertop, and the shelf.

Blank, Of Course!

Because it goes well with any kitchen style. In addition, it brings light and makes the space look much larger. And it offers you a plus: white makes the color of the details (rags, jars, bowls, plants…) dominate. Consequence? With little expense, you will put your kitchen in fashion for each season.

For Very “Cool” Retro Styles

Mint green is in fashion. It has been for a long time, in fact. And also for kitchens. If you have a retro or country-style furniture, in white or light wood, it will make you feel scared and will give you a happy air full of light.

Lilac in The Heights

Painting the ceiling is a good idea if your kitchen furniture has a combination of tones and materials. In this way, you make the furniture stand out against a white wall. And with the ceiling, you give a different and personal touch to the space. Lilac matches black and tan like that of natural fibers.

From Ceiling to Floor

Another cool idea? Also, paint the ceiling, but this time tie it to the color of the floor, like here. A perfect solution when the kitchen floor is particularly beautiful. In intense green, you bet on a very vital classic.

A Kitchen Painted Pink?

For elegant styles with a touch of bold and chic, it’s great. Choose an aged pink and raise the level by accompanying it with gold or copper taps, handles, or lamps, for example. With white furniture, it looks perfect but in black… it’s amazing!

Intense Blue For Eternal Kitchens

It is a seasonal color, it is true, but it can become a tone that you always see well because it balances. It manages to update the most classic materials and give elegance to the most modern ones. With wood and gold, it is especially cool.

Toasted, A Perfect “Goes With Everything”

It has the ability to marry all kinds of materials and kitchen styles. It has the perfect amount of gray and brown, making it an ideal neutral color to use without fear. Of course, the darker, the more light you will need, so if the furniture is white, much better.

Olive Green, For Very Natural Kitchens

It is sober and bold at the same time. A kitchen painted olive green invites serenity but at the same time tells us that the chef is not classic at all. A very interesting bet to combine with micro cement, weathered wood, and fibers.

As most likely you are not going to change the furniture and you are only going to change the color of the walls of your kitchen, it is key that you have in this that we tell you before deciding:

How big is your kitchen?

If it is very small, forget about the darkest unless you have natural light to give and sell.

Light counts a lot

If you only have artificial light, make several samples before choosing because artificial light changes colors a lot. And if you have a lot of natural light, keep in mind that the shades you choose will appear lighter.

And the coatings

If they have color, they will have a lot to say in our final choice. Keep them in mind.

If you are determined to give your kitchen a real change, you cannot miss this article either. You will find ideas that will help you and, best of all, will encourage you to do it. Go for it!

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