How to Create Your Painting in an Easy and Fun Way

Learning to Paint: How to Create Your Painting in an Easy and Fun Way

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Learning to paint can be overwhelming if you don’t have the necessary help. A proper guide is important to make the process fun and non-stressful and, in addition to that, to achieve a satisfactory result. And this is where events come in!

We have several ways to help you learn to paint.

  • You can come to one of our events and paint a painting step by step, guided by a professional artist.
  • You can paint a picture at home with a paint kit that we send you in our box.
  • You can get one of our personalized boxes, in which you send us a photo and we will convert it into a painting for you to paint by filling in color by areas.

Remember that you have all the information on how to make colors and how to paint with acrylic in our painting course. There you will also find everything about painting techniques and about a painting set you need (such as an easel, acrylic paint, a canvas to paint…), and we will help you decide between painting an abstract or figurative painting.

In short, we have everything you need to bring out the artist in you and that learning to paint your own painting puts a smile on your face, no frowning!

Paint your picture in two hours without experience

If you’ve never used a brush, you will leave with a beautiful painting under your arm. The secret? We hold events in bars and entertainment venues where an expert artist teaches you step by step how to paint a picture. First, we cover the background, then we place the first figures and we continue until we finish with the last details. The process is as simple as it is fun!

The best thing about our events is that they do not have a place in a cold and boring classroom, but rather that we celebrate them in bars, cafes, and restaurants in your city, surrounded by a relaxed and very pleasant atmosphere in which there is no lack of laughter or, for, of course, the toasts. Seriously, a paint shop with a beer in hand is another level.

To paint a painting in two hours and without the need for previous experience, you just have to choose the painting and date on our website, buy your ticket, and that’s it! We provide all the materials. You only provide a smile.

We forgot! At the end of each event, we put on a very cool photo so that you can immortalize your feet and always keep the special memory of having turned a blank canvas into a work of art. You will see that pride and satisfaction enter your body!

Without a doubt, an event is the creative experience of the moment. You can live it or give it away. Because, can you imagine the face that that special person will put on when you invite them to bring out the artist inside them? Giving experiences is in fashion, and when it comes to an original gift, the important thing is that it leaves a mark, right?

Paint at home

Paints, canvas, brushes, easel, and even an apron, so you don’t get stained. Our box does not lack detail, nor of course, will an online tutorial in which a professional artist explains the process of painting a painting step by step. It is the same as an Art Out event but at your home, at your own pace, and with no expiration date.

Paint yours

What better painting to painting than one dedicated to those you love the most? Paint your partner, paint your mother, paint your cat. Send us a special photo and we will turn it into pop-art type design, marking the canvas by areas so that you can have fun filling it with color and you can make an unforgettable gift to that so special person. How many times do you get a personalized painting? You will not forget it!