How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes step by step?

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Drawing is considered an art, but it should not be confused with painting. Painting is more related to color. It is usual to use instruments such as the paintbrush and the brush.

In the case of drawing, a simple pencil is enough to be able to make lines that express feelings or ways of conceiving the world. You can draw almost anything, even abstractions like love, hate, beauty, among other things. If you can imagine it, then you can draw it.

Some are born with that talent, while others strive to develop it. Regardless of how drawing began, it can be used as a liberating bridge of thought.

It is good therapy for stress, as it helps us get out of the exhausting routine of day today. Also, a cleansing experience can come. The paper holds everything that we carry inside and leaves us clean of mind and heart.

A good suggestion is to start by drawing the eyes. Do not be scared thinking that you must necessarily draw human eyes. There are different types of eyes. You could start with the simple ones, perhaps the cartoonish ones, and then go deeper by setting yourself new challenges.

Instructions for drawing eyes

Every draftsman must know how to draw a face. This can be quite intimidating. However, it is not impossible. You can start by breaking down the face and drawing its parts separately, from least to greatest, in degrees of difficulty.

  1. To start, you could draw an oval. If you don’t know what shape this is, just make a semi-arch and join it with another semi-arch, but this time it goes down.
  2. After having the eye’s shape, draw a small semicircle where the oval of the eye begins to make the tear. Next, trace a semi-arch at the top and another at the bottom of the oval to make the lids.
  3. Inside the oval, draw a circle. Make it more towards the top so that it is not so centered and, in the middle of that circle, make a smaller one, and paint it black to make the pupil.
  4. Something that will give life and direction to the look is the reflection. We call this the ball that is located above the pupil. When you have drawn it, it will be time to highlight what you have drawn so far.
  5. Then, draw lines on the inner edge of the iris and around the pupil. They are those little lines that we see in our eyes. Then you will have to shade them.
  6. Finally, you must draw the eyebrows and eyelashes, both upper and lower. Remember that you should blur or shade, but, in this case, you will only do it with the upper lashes so that they can have greater volume and depth.

That way, when you’re done, you’ll have a realistic pair of eyes. It is important to be 100% real, and you must draw them in the form of a reflection. That is the right eye opposite the left. You cannot draw the two eyes the same, with the eyelashes and the eyebrow in the same direction.

Tips for drawing eyes

When drawing, you must take into account how the eye works. It is not always static; it has movement and does not depend on the direction in which the body is. You could be facing the front and still be looking to the side. So knowing that is essential when drawing eyes.

They must be proportionally the same size and must also be at the same height and distance. Otherwise, the image would be distorted and remote from reality. However, in the case of animated eyes, this is not a rule. You can play with the proportions. Remember that big eyes are visually much more attractive and expressive.

You can break all parameters so that you can create diversity and get more fun results. Drawing, although it is indeed an art, is also an escape route from everyday life, which many often use. You can enjoy every opportunity you get to sit and draw.

Using music to draw can help ideas flow, but if you have trouble using your imagination, you can also look at other drawings to release your hand and acquire new ideas. Since you have all the tools available, start drawing eyes today, and become a professional.

Given all the benefits of drawing, you may be curious to inquire into this area. How difficult can it be? Are there drawings for beginners?