How To Get The Best Spa Experience From Facial

The facial is the most common treatment people receive in different spas. But what can be done to make it more effective? In this blog article, you’ll find out how to get the best spa experience from a facial! We suggest visiting¬†laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Famous paintings

The six most famous paintings in the world

Paintings and all kinds of famous works of art arrive, ultimately, without warning. They take the world by surprise and settle into the collective memory, with an appeal that transcends eras, periods, trends, and styles. There is no general consensus about what makes them so special, nor does there seem to be a “secret recipe” …

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Diego and Frida's painting

The best paintings of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s paintings, in addition to her phrases, recipes, letters, and photographs, whisper in our ears to tell us stories about Frida herself, about what happened in her stormy life, full of disappointments, infidelities, and injections. And of course, they tell us about a Mexico on the way to finding itself, wounded and “empty” by …

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Art Exhibitions

Top six Art Exhibitions in Paris

I share with you what, for me, are the best and most interesting exhibitions in Paris at the moment. Thus, I complete the series beginning with the Exhibitions in Madrid,¬† New York, and London. As in previous articles, I remind you that you can save this page as the exhibitions will be updated periodically. Pompidou …

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