Tips to be a better designer

5 tips to be a better designer (and not die trying)

I know that all jobs are complicated and that they have better and worse days, but since I only know mine, I can only tell you about the work of a designer! I love my job! I can’t be happier! But of course, within daily work, there are better and worse moments and there are many days when not everything “paints rosy “. One of the main problems faced by a designer is the lack of creativity. There are days when you can be at 50% without problems, but on others, 100% is required and maybe your charger is half empty…. ;

It is something common, not all of us are always at our peak when we start designing, and that is why if we follow a few steps daily, we will achieve that on those days a little lower and we will have something to start from.

Everything can be your source of inspiration

Best tips to be a designer

I’ve been saying it, if you’re not keeping your eyes open to your surroundings, you’re likely to miss out on a lot of the things that could inspire you. Everything can help you, from a design work that you like and another that you don’t like, to music, cinema or perhaps nature. Even from a job that you don’t like, you can get an idea that later leads you to get a project.

It is very important to read blogs related to your work, in this case, design and WordPress to be up to date on the news. You always have to have the trends of the last year at hand. It is very common to have a tool such as Feedly in which to save blogs that interest us to read them.

Try something new

The routine, which is responsible for putting our feet on the ground and giving us a little security or calm, can also be our enemy when we let ourselves be guided only by it.

That’s why it’s important to get out of the routine, look for new trends, do something you don’t normally do… stop and think! Surely only the search for this that is new for us is capable of opening our minds a little.

Pay attention to the details

They say that the details make the difference and it is true that it is so! Sometimes the detail is in distinguishing two serif typefaces, which not everyone is capable of doing, but if you do, you will see that this detail is what makes them special. Perhaps it is the curvature of one of its characters, or perhaps the angle at which the lowercase letters end.

As we talked about in the button post, the details are what make the difference, and to differentiate yourself, you must take these details into account.

Even two things that may look alike have something different. Fonts and color are two elements that help us to give that detail. As we always say, ” red ” is not the same for you as it is for me, and the difference between the two is responsible for giving the detail we need.

Listen to the client and listen to yourself

Clearly, when we work for others we have to respect their wishes, however, we also have to give our opinion. Sometimes, although you think that the client has very clear ideas, you give him another point of view, which makes him rethink it and of course, see it from your side. At most you earn a “no, better my way”, but you have already released the idea and perhaps it is the first step to give it shape, if not for this project for another.

In general, ideas should always be welcome, so it is not highly recommended to silence the inner self. What they say “talking people understand each other” is usually carried out and is very satisfying. Perhaps something that you propose to a client then serves you for a different one. Ideas are always there so it is important to write them down and reuse them.

Appreciate the work of your colleagues

In addition to being able to become a support, when in doubt, the work of a colleague is also a source of inspiration. Knowing what your colleagues are doing can make you see in what areas design is moving at the moment.

We said it in point one and we repeat it in this one, read blogs and magazines about things that are not closely related to you but also from professional colleagues. Everything, at some point or another, will serve us. And do not stay only in those of your language. It is important to know what is being done in other European countries, the USA… It is normal that if you work for clients in Spain, let yourself be guided by the most local trends, but in the end, we are working in a global world, and trends are increasingly global.

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