Draw A Face

How To Draw A Face?

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The challenge for many drawing artists is to be able to draw a face. This can become a complex task in view of all the elements present on one face. That is, eyes, lips, nose. Here, we will guide how to draw a face step by step. That way, you can apply the information while you read so that the process will be much more fun for you.

That without taking into account other elements such as eyebrows, cheekbones, chin and other essential features. Some of these features can only be captured using resources such as the play of chiaroscuro, blurring and shadows. Techniques that only professionals can master. For all that has been said before, we could say that drawing a face is like climbing the top of a mountain for a cartoonist. It requires effort, work and a lot of dedication.

Instructions for drawing a face

Knowing how to draw a human face is essential for any good draftsman. Hence, this is the goal that many are eagerly pursuing. Therefore, today we will be explaining to you step by step how you can draw one.

  1. At the bottom of the circle, draw an oval. This will be the chin or chin and its widest sides will be the cheeks.
  2. Erases all internal lines in the drawing. Then, in the middle of the face, draw a vertical and horizontal line. This will help you to indicate the height of the eyes and the perspective of the face itself.
  3. You will have to draw another line at the end of the oval and one more between this new line and the horizontal one previously drawn. This will define the space of the forehead, eyes, nose, chin, mouth and jaw.
  4. With this format ready, we can now add the first eye. You can start with the left or right, depending on your comfort and preference. Some people have their eyes closer together and others further apart than usual. In this case, the important thing is to remember that the look plays a fundamental role in the face.
  5. Since symmetry on the face is important, be sure to measure the first eye’s width and then do the second. The separation of both eyes must be proportionally equal to the width of the same.

The next thing will be to draw the two guidelines of the nose. Draw them vertically, passing through the inner tear duct of the eyes. Extends the lines to the chin. The width of these will determine the width of the nose. After that, we can draw it without difficulty.

Tips for drawing a face

If you want to start as professional using drawing pencils, we recommend that you use an HB pencil for all the face elaboration. Then you can switch to 4B to highlight lines and polish the final details of the drawing.

  • You should keep in mind that the more pressure you apply on the pencil, the darker lines will come out, which could seem good to you. But remember that they will also be more difficult to erase. Also, they could damage the blade and you would have to start from scratch. Which for sure, you don’t want to happen.
  • As for erasing, as difficult as it may seem, try not to do too much. The black spots on the blade detract from the aesthetics of the work. We know that you are not a professional, but you are training to be one. You may find it annoying to have to draw lines to guide you.
  • You may think that without them, you will still be able to carry out your work. They will make it handy for you to better understand the location of each of the parts of the face. Also, they will allow you to make your face well proportioned. So it will be more like reality and visibly more attractive.
  • As we pointed out earlier, you must remember that the measurements and proportions will not be the same in the case of a woman’s face and child. Your features will be much more delicate and stylized.
  • Therefore, to start drawing faces, the easiest way is the face of a man, since you do not have to watch the details.
  • Pay close attention to the play of shadows in the drawing. Ideally, it would help if you used a special pencil to handle this part of the work.
  • Remember that you can use your fingers to blur. But you should pay close attention not to dirty the sheet. Therefore, try to wash your hands constantly and dry them very well before continuing to draw, so as not to get your work wet.

Drawing, like any manifestation of art, requires practice and, to be successful, feelings must be involved. If you put heart to your drawings, it is much more likely that they will be better and more detailed. Thus, each of your jobs will be an extension of you. Now that you have the tools to draw, don’t waste any more time and start drawing faces right now.