How to draw a car

How to draw a car step by step yourself?

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Drawing is an art, and we do not doubt it. However, you don’t have to be an expert to venture into the world of drawing. As you know, drawing cars is a talent that not all people have, but anyone can try. You will learn shortly how to draw a car from two perspectives on a single plane. You will first draw the side of a car and then the front.

The drawing techniques are many, but for you, who is a beginner, we are going to show you the drawing in a single plane (which is very different from drawing in 3D) and in the simplest way. Don’t worry, take a pencil, paper and an eraser on hand; because of the rest, we take care of giving it to you step by step.

You need to draw a car:

  • First of all, you will need adequate space for drawing. This means a place with good light so that you do not have shadows when drawing and you can better define the lines.
  • It seems incredible, but the correct chair and table make a big difference when drawing a picture. You can use an ordinary flat top table without crevices. Besides, the chair must be of adequate height so that your back does not hunch too much when drawing.
  • Have pencils, pencil sharpeners, and eraser on hand.
  • Try to keep your hands clean so that you don’t get the worksheet dirty.

How to draw a car

To start, you can guide yourself with a small circle, which will become your car’s wheel.

  1. Inside this, draw another smaller circle to define the tire. Then, make another circle a little smaller, filling it in the middle area.
  2. Then, you will proceed to draw the other wheel in parallel, about three centimeters away and following the same procedure.
  3. When you finish the second wheel, connect them with a straight line.
  4. In that same orientation of the line, begin to draw the back of the car. With a single stroke, you will define what the rear bumper will be.
  5. Then, with a single raven line drawn to the left, you will draw the bodywork.
  6. When you have reached a little more than half of the roof of the car, you will lower the curve a bit to shape the hood.
  7. After you’ve finished your hood line, you’ll start by shaping the front bumper in the same simple style you would use to draw your rear bumper.
  8. Start drawing the windows. To do this, draw straight lines that give the shape of a window, guiding you with the car’s external contour so that it does not come out too small or too large. Remember that there are two windows.
  9. Now, a detail that you cannot miss is delicately drawing the handle to open the door. You can place a small rectangle under one of the windows.
  10. Finally, remember that you can put all the details that you can think of. However, we have given you the simplest and most classic explanation to draw the base of a car’s lines.

Draw a car from the front

The easiest way to get started is by defining what the bumper would be. This way of starting is the simplest and it will also help you as a beginner to better manage the proportions of your drawing.

  1. Then, to shape the hood, draw curved lines upwards from each end.
  2. To define the height, you must consider the width of your bumper and close with a straight line from end to end to draw the roof of your car.
  3. Having the silhouette of your car in front perspective begins to draw the glass with straight lines that form a rectangle.
  4. Remember that the roofline and the first line of the glass should be slightly curved to give a better appearance to the car; well, it won’t look so square.
  5. In the same way, to draw the grill, you have to draw two parallel straight lines of side and side; and a semi curve for the upper part that closes the rectangle of the grill.
  6. You must define the edge of the grill with a double line. Also, you will have to take special care that the grill’s vertical lines are well straight and with the same separation between them so that it looks much better.
  7. Once the grill is finished, you will go on to draw the headlights. You will make two squares, but with rounded edges to give the image volume.
  8. Do not forget the details of the lanterns that go near the bumper and keep a flat line so that the lines appear sharp.
  9. Another detail that you cannot forget is the mirrors. To draw them, you can make small rectangles with semi-curved lines at each end of the windows.

Similarly, do not make the mistake of leaving your car in the air. Don’t forget to draw the two wheels under the bumper. There you have to fill them in so that they stand out like real tires, being careful not to leave any blank space.