Modern wall art ideas

Modern wall art ideas for kitchen

We always think of pictures to decorate the living room, bedroom, or hallway, but have you ever thought about decorating the kitchen with them? We have presented modern wall art ideas for the kitchen that will give this space the personalized touch it needs. It will surely make you think about the walls of this environment differently.

Modern wall art ideas for kitchen

  1. This is a decorating option, but it also adds an interesting element to your kitchen. You can use this board to write the grocery list or leave notes for the other household members.
  2. Any empty wall space can be the ideal place to hang a painting that you have saved. Don’t be afraid to fill the walls of your kitchen with style.
  3. As we saw in other examples, sheets are widely used in kitchen decoration due to their low budget and placement ease. Find a large sheet of a theme that you like to decorate any corner of your space.
  4. You can choose to integrate colors into the kitchen’s decorative details, as we see here in the pictures in the gallery, the lamps and the floor, keeping the rest of the space in neutral tones.
  5. We already talked about applying the gastronomic theme in this space, but plants and animals are also widely used for kitchen decoration due to their food relationship. Choose a theme that you like, as in this example, we see the plants, to create a very beautiful painting composition.
  6. Although all the decoration of a room has to be harmoniously related through the color palette, you can choose paintings with exactly the same tones that you use in the space to decorate your kitchen without attracting much attention.
  7. On the other hand, you may prefer to generate contrast in your space walls by looking for paintings with strong colors that stand out from the tone of the wall. In this space, we see how the painting stands out not only for its colors but also for the style differentiated from the environment.
  8. If your kitchen is white, you can use a painting to integrate color and personality into space. In this way, you add color with a single element, giving importance to one of the space walls.
  9. In addition to using color to attract attention, as in the example above, you can opt for a large painting that highlights a particular wall and space within the kitchen. Here we see how the dining room is framed with a large black and white painting.
  10. Undoubtedly the kitchen is the ideal space in your home to display paintings that have to do with food and drink. You can choose themed paintings that add color, flair, and some great decor, like this image of an antique can of peas.
  11. Continuing with the gastronomic theme, this type of paintings integrates a lot of color into your kitchen through a fun element that will surely stand out in the space.
  12. A way to use the gastronomic theme more subtly. We see how different drawings of spoons are used to create an interesting and stylish plot in the photo.
  13. To add decoration, personality, and modern detail to your walls, look for pictures with phrases representing you in colors that fit the decoration well.
  14. Who said that the kitchen is not a good place to display your photos? Decorate with black and white family photos to keep your kitchen in style, displaying your favorite memories in the space.
  15. A monochrome abstract painting will always look great in a modern kitchen, no matter what other colors participate in the space. Look for a painting of this style or even paint it yourself, achieving a personalized wall.
  16. Another way to integrate family and DIY art on your walls is to hang a drawing of your son, nephew or even yours from when you were little. We assure you that it will give a youthful and friendly look to your kitchen.
  17. Add an antique touch to your kitchen with the paintings of your choice. This contrast of styles creates a very interesting and elegant space.
  18. If you want more than one painting on the same wall, choose the same color palette to keep paintings of different themes and related sizes. This is a good idea to also use in galleries, an idea that we will see below.
  19. On any free wall, you can start creating an art gallery for your kitchen. Combine different frames and sizes to give it a more eclectic style, maintaining a certain unity through the color palette.
  20. Even if the content is different, using frames of the same shape and size with a white border will give your paintings the unity you need on any wall in your kitchen. These types of galleries look more structured and neat.
  21. One way to further enhance the art on your walls is to paint a square of colors around the frame in a tone related to each painting. It is an easy resource to achieve and that will give a more interesting detail to your gallery.
  22. To achieve a modern and relaxed gallery, combine paintings with frames of different sizes and shapes, along with prints and drawings pasted directly on the wall. With this resource, your gallery can constantly be changing without much effort.
  23. Don’t be satisfied with just one wall. Start invading all the empty wall spaces you find in your kitchen. Thus you achieve a very interesting and striking space, originally exposing many pieces of art.
  24. The best way to bring your eyes to a wall is with an element that attracts attention and undoubtedly, a large painting, like the one in the photo, will achieve it. You also create a focal point within the kitchen, highlighting that particular space.
  25. Dare to use the walls on the counter to hang the pictures. It is a place that you will always see and deserves to be beautiful. We often need storage spaces in these places, but it is a great opportunity to decorate with pictures if you have an empty wall.
  26. A great way to add style without ruining your walls is to use existing shelves to store dishes and add pictures to decorate. This is how you combine the decoration with storage on the same surface.
  27. Although it is a work surface, you can allocate a small portion of the countertop to place your paintings and decorate the kitchen. Keep in mind that they do not get in the way when cooking and that they are secured to not fall.
  28. To draw the view towards the end of the kitchen and make it appear larger, put pictures on that empty wall in the back. Also, you take advantage of a surface that would otherwise be empty.
  29. If you want to integrate two large pictures of similar styles into your kitchen, you can choose to place them facing each other on two walls of the space.
  30. Apply the different decorative ideas for your kitchen walls in a harmonious way to add style to all the space walls. If you have room, do not limit yourself to decorating only one sector.
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